Tastebuds Tingled at Tusk

Set in the ever popular Northern Quarter in Manchester sits an African themed bar (obvs), Tusk. The intimate bar plays fab music and its interiors include zebra heads and safari hats on the wall (without being naff).


But forget all that, the thing about this place is the drinks. The cocktail menu is animal based (as in animal named, not animals in the drinks).
The menu is broken down to: Pride of the Pack, which includes The Tiger, The Lion, The Sex-Panther to name a few, then onto: Flying High, The Flamingo, The Albatross etc., and finally Back on Land: The Black Mamba, The Silverback, The Squirrel Monkey, and more.

Now, I have something to tell you. This is pretty big news for me, but I may of possibly had the best cocktail I have ever had in my WHOLE LIFE. And I’ve had a few.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present The Leopard.

Described on the menu as ‘Sleek and graceful with a fiery bite, this combines chilli infused rum, coconut and guava’. Whilst, shaking his stuff, the cocktail guy stopped and asked me to have a little taste to see if it was hot enough. Yep, yep it was defiantly hot enough, I wasn’t sure how I would drink the whole thing without asking for a glass of milk. But after the first and second sip of my cocktail, I found it to be the most devilishly delightful drink I’ve had. The drink became less spicy, that or my mouth had numbed up so much, I couldn’t tell the difference and I didn’t care. If you are in need of a little warm pick-me-up, forget chicken noodle soup and head up to Tusk and try a Leopard. I dare you.


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