Death on the Nile

I decided to read Death on the Nile after I read the High Mountains of Portugal, as a main character from the book was a huge Agatha Christie fan. Now I must confess, I am a Christie virgin, and the closest I ever got to her was watching a few episodes of Poirot (the theme tune still haunts me) back in the early 90’s. I now completely get why her writing is so popular, I was gripped from start to finish.

Christie introduces us to all the characters wonderfully, and as you know who will get killed, you can start to suspect everyone straight away – for everyone has a motive and reason. Dun…dun….daaaaaah. Hercule Poirot is throughout the novel a smug little so and so, and would irritate me immensely if I ever met him on holiday and I’d probably end up being the first person he’d question. But to be fair, the poor guy just wanted a relaxing break to unwind and it ends up being a busman’s holiday for him, so I won’t lay into his pompardidness too much.

As the title suggests, the book is set on a Nile Cruise, it’s a shame I didn’t feel the surroundings in Egypt where given much focus or description other than a few lines here and there. It could well of been Death on the Nene.

So, to the ‘whodunnit’… the juicy bit. There are curve-balls and twists all over the place which makes the idea of actually ‘putting the book down’ an absurd idea. You have to keep reading until Poirot finally reveals the murderer and the reason.
Just scandalous dahling.
I absolutely loved this book and it will not be my last Agatha Christie for sure.

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