Natio Aromatherapy

Whilst idly sauntering around a huge Tescos store, I was drawn towards the skincare isle (there’s like a magnetic force between us or something). And yes, I do mean Tescos. The one in my hometown is one of the biggest ones there is, so there’s plenty more than just bananas. The skincare section is pretty impressive with some great brands (as well as the usual Nivea, Simple etc). And that’s where I discovered Natio Aromatherapy.

Natio is an aussie brand with the slogan ‘nature nurtures best’, and boy, do they live up to it. Even after spending five minutes on their website I feel like a new person. I bought the Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser (£6.80) and the Gentle Facial Scrub (£10).

The cleanser I fell in love with straight away primarily due to the scent. It reminded me of a Thailand/Bali inspired spa I went to in Zanzibar (I know, check me out). The cleanser is mild with a neutral PH to avoid stripping your skin from the essential oils and uses plant extracts from sandalwood, shea butter, calendula, rosewood, jojoba and lemon. Yes, there’s quite a lot there, but they work together harmoniously and it’s officially the most divine thing I’ve smelt ever!

The facial scrub, has a milder scent and uses sea kelp to detoxify and rosehip for
anti-aging. It has teeny weeny beads that do not feel harsh or like my face will bleed after I’ve used it like some scrubs do (Mr Kiehl’s, I’m talking to you). I love the fact both products are so kind to the skin, but not so mild that it doesn’t make a difference.
My skin looks and feels softer and fresh – this won’t be the last time I delve into them, close my eyes and be transported to somewhere exotic.

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