10 Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Obvs, it’s great for cooking whether you’re frying eggs or making a stir-fry etc, and I also use it for popping popcorn. I seriously can’t get enough of this stuff, but did you know of it’s beauty benefits? Here are my top ten coconut oil beauty benefits:


Just before bed, I like to dab a small blob of coconut oil onto my cheeks, under my eyes and around my lips. It’s a great natural alternative to other moisturisers, don’t get me wrong, I like to use them too, but coconut oil is heavenly when I want a break from it. It’s super rich in vitamin C and can nourish even the most driest skins.


Hair Mask
I’ve been doing this since I was a child (and therefore had no choice over the matter). Once a week massage the oil into your hair and leave for as long as you can (overnight is ideal), then wash your hair thoroughly and you’ll end up with the most luscious locks that naturally shine. You’ll be the queen of the hair-flick.


Body Scrub
Mix an equal part of sugar into the coconut oil (you can use Himalayan salt, though I find that’s a massive waste of the fancy salt), rub onto your body and wash away to leave your skin super-soft.


Make-up Remover
Rub a small amount between your fingertips and massage onto your face. It’s even great for heavy eye make-up. Sweeeeet.


Lip Balm
Bye-bye chapped lips. Use an old lip balm tin and fill with coconut oil to use on-the-go.


Hand and Cuticle Softener
Rub a tiny bit onto your cuticles to help strengthen nails and it stimulates new nail growth, and massage what’s left into your hands.


Body Oil
Use as a good old-fashioned body oil, straight after your shower so it can sink into your warm skin. Add a couple of drops of essential oil to the coconut oil for an altogether holistic treatment. Who needs a spa?


Frizz Tamer
Rub a small amount (and I do mean small) onto your hands before massaging onto the mid shaft and ends of your hair to help manage frizz and flyaway hair.


To get that fabulous dewy, glowy look, after you’ve applied your make-up just dab a teeny weeny amount onto the top of your cheekbones and your cupid’s bow.


Oil Pulling
The art of swishing coconut oil around in your mouth for several minutes for a brighter, whiter smile. Kylie Jenner and Gwyneth Paltrow swear by it – I’m sold.


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