Boro Bistro

Trawling slowly through the hustle and bustle of Borough Market, I chanced upon this little place tucked away in a little corner. Boro Bistro is as cute and quirky as they come, set lower than the street above with views to The Shard, but still somewhat tranquil especially being next door to Southwark Cathedral.


As finally it felt like a hint of summer we sat outside to soak up the rays, whilst listening to the cool, Ibiza style chill-out music they had playing. Obviously nothing but a Cotes de Provence rose and my oversized sunglasses would do at this point. The atmosphere is laid-back, and just my style! Gorgeous decor, using old tin baths as flower beds, and metal bed frames as sofas. The loos are interesting too (but I’ll leave that for you to discover) 🙂


The food is mostly tapas style, again THIS IS SO ME, and the plates and cutlery are a mish-mash but it works. Pictured below is asparagus with a goji berry tapenade and toasted almonds.


I wager that this will indeed end up being my local London haunt… Except, hmm.. how to put this. There’s a corner in front of where I was sitting, casually people watching, and in the hour or so I was there, I saw three people trip over and one person drop his jar of whatever he bought from the market. There’s definitely something ‘interesting’ about that corner! By the time we left the place had filled up and the clouds now were rolling in – time to go, but I’m already thinking of my next visit.


Boro Bistro, 6-10 Borough High Street, Bankchambers, Montagne Close, London SE1 9QQ

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