Postcards from the Dolomites

There are few things in this world that encapsulates the beauty of nature quite like the Dolomites. Breathtaking vistas dominate the horizon, whilst all around you are lush green fields which scream at you to run through them singing ‘the hills are alive…’. Which I did. And lost my balance and decked it. Ok, so I may not have the style and grace of Julie Andrews (and technically this is a different country), but the call was still there, and I answered.

Doing my best Julie.

Set in northern Italy but with a distinct Austrian feel – being so close to the border, and indeed I did do the little trek up to the top of Mount Elmo, which sits in between the two countries. To which I could feel the exhaustion from my phone as it sent me text messages saying ‘Welcome to Italy’, then ‘Welcome to Austria’, then ‘Welcome to Italy’, then ‘oh you’re back in Austria’, etc etc in the space of a minute.

The summit of Mt. Elmo, between Italy and Austria. That’s me demonstrating that.

So, of course this region is famous for the spectacular Tre Cima di Lavaredo, a UNESCO World Heritage site. There are trekkers, climbers, general ramblers galore and it’s not hard to see why. Different trails routes can take you through the most surprising and pleasant places, through beautiful Tyrolean hamlets, to emerald green lakes and past WWII bunkers. You can feel the history with every step you take, and every view your eyes take in is a postcard.

I booked my self-guided Dolomites experience with Exodus Travels.

Emerald green lakes
WWII bunker
Tre Cime


2 thoughts on “Postcards from the Dolomites

  1. What gorgeous photos!! I keep hearing people talk about the Dolomites – after reading your post I’m taking note! I especially love your photos of the emerald green lakes.

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