10 Alternative Uses for the Humble Shower Cap

I used to await with excitement as my husband, a once travel photographer returned with a bag of presents for me. Oh, it’s another batch of hotel bathroom condiments. From illuminous green shower gel (pass), to white coloured water trying to pass as moisturiser (pass). But, there is one thing I could never have enough of, and that my friends is the humble shower cap. Below are my top 10 reasons why.

Keeping cooking smells away from expensive shampoo hair smell.
The last thing I want to do is cook after I’ve washed my hair. But when needs must, and they usually do must – I cover up my barnet with a shower cap to keep Eau de Bacon off my luscious locks. Granted, I do look like a nincompoop.

Protecting hair when painting and decorating. This was a tip given to me by friend Claudia. I painted a wall once, but to be honest, paint-in-hair was the least of my worries, choosing the wrong colour was my main concern. But a great idea to keep specks of bright blue off black hair. (If I got electrocuted, I would have looked like a peacock. Quite pretty really).

Waterproofing your camera. As I mentioned, Mr Five O’Clock was a travel photographer and shared this camera-saving piece of advice. It keeps water out…but also sand. I broke a camera this way, sand got trapped where the lens comes in and out. Whenever I tried to put it on, the lens screeched and struggled and never made it, despite my cheers of, ‘come on little buddy!’ Hearing your camera die is really painful.

Mini-greenhouse. Cover up seedlings, with the shower cap to create warmth and moisture.

Poo-picker-upper. I don’t have a dog, but I do have a garden full of my neighbours cats that like to shizzle everywhere, and it drives me to tears and moaning about it on facebook. Using a shower cap, I can scoop the poop and lob it back in the neighbours garden. I do love thy neighbour by the way. Lovely lady.

Covering muddy boots. If away for holiday and there’s a spot of trekking involved, pop each boot into a shower cap, thus keeping mud off other garments in your suitcase. Or alternatively, if you have posh shoes and scared of a nail-polish/shower gel/etc leakage, it’s also a good way to protect them.

Safeguarding your iPad/iPhone. When I cook, the kitchen tends to look like a flour-bomb has exploded with tomato jus and fragments of broccoli splattered across the wall (some would call it artistic). However one thing you can’t afford to be embroiled in your “modern art” is your iAnything. If you use it for recipes or playing music, cover up with shower cap and you can still scroll when covered.

Keeping bike seats dry. No one wants a wet bum.

Collecting soggy stuff. When leaving hotels, I can put wet toothbrushes or loofahs etc into the shower cap. Even, half used soap, if one must.

OCD help. If you have a cleanliness issue, you can use a shower cap to open doors, answer the phone, play someone else’s guitar. Just think of all those germs you wont touch. It’s discreet and light enough to use for all your future hygiene endeavours.

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