5 Etsy Garden Must-Haves

Who doesn’t love Summer? With the longer days, warmer weather and hopeful attempts to eat alfresco. It also means I start thinking of my garden and getting it ready and pruned for summertime barbecues and frivolities.

I’ve been riffling through my favourite online haunt Etsy, and these are five of my must-have gardeny pieces.


Herb Garden Spoon Markers by Cabin Woods

There’s nothing quite like picking fresh herbs from your garden (or even your windowsill) to flavour your food. Even if I have a frozen pizza, I’ll add some fresh chillies, a handful basil and a drizzle of olive oil to it to fancy-pantsy it up, I’m that classy. Ahem.
Anyway, I think these spoons markers would look mega cute slotted in next to the said herb or make a fabulous gift.

The spoons are flattened and individually hand-stamped with THYME, BASIL, OREGANO, ROSEMARY, SAGE and PARSLEY (or you can personalise).

Designer and maker – the lovely Kinsey Hall at Cabin Woods, offers six spoons printed with herb names for £10.88 plus shipping which is £5.80 to the UK.

To visit the Cabin Woods spoon markers page on Etsy, click here.


English Oak Bird Seed Feeder by Layer Tree

I’ll admit it. I suffer from Ornithophobia, a fear of birds. Give me snakes, spiders, you name it I’m fine, but if something has flappy wings and in my personal space (pigeon, I’m looking at you) I freak out like a weirdo. Yet I can appreciate the beauty of birds, I love watching David Attenborough documentaries and seeing them at flight is just stunning. Perhaps there’s hope for me yet. This super-stylish bird seed feeder would make a great addition to any garden, and this beaut may even help me get over my irrational fear.

Based in Suffolk, LayerTree uses oak grown in the East of England (big-up), which is bent with steam using a single piece of wood and topped with a choice of four pretty colours.

The feeder is made by the talented Myles at Layer Tree and is £46.50 plus shipping at £4.45 in the UK.

To visit the Layer Tree bird feeder page on Etsy, click here.


Ceramic Planter by Art Craft Home

ocean blues 2

I have dreamed, pretty much my entire adult life, of living in the Med and I can literally binge watch ‘A Place in the Sun’ all day long. It’s somewhere where you can really live outdoors and feel the benefits of doing so. I loved this planter as that’s exactly where it takes me – to a warm and sunny climate by the sea. Ahhh *happy-place*.

The planter is handmade using a durable stoneware clay and is fully glazed.

The ceramic planter is designed and crafted by Stephanie Corridori at Art Craft Home and is £19.69 plus shipping which is £34.30 to the UK.

To visit the Art Craft Home planter page on Etsy, click here.


Wine Table by Hoffmaster Woodworks

If you know me, you’ll know I appreciate a chilled glass of wine. Take this into the summertime (where’s it acceptable to be daytime drinking) and I’m in heaven. This folding outdoor wine table would go with me EVERYWHERE and perfect for a garden soiree. Who doesn’t need this in their life?

The handmade wooden table is supported by an aircraft-grade aluminium spike which presses down into the earth whether you’re in the garden or on the beach. The tables are customisable – you can order a smaller hole for Champagne too!

This ingenues contraption is brought to you by Matthew Hoffmaster at Hoffmaster Woodworks and is £31.36 plus shipping which is £25.10 to the UK.

To visit the Hoffmaster Woodworks wine table page on Etsy, click here.


Hammock Chair by Feet Up Hammocks

Just the thought of a hammock and I’m mentally on holiday, basking in the sun with a trashy novel. Getting out a hammock however usually involves me falling flat and facing-planting the floor. Lookin’ goooooood. This chair hammock might be the answer to my problems – it’s a hammock that’s a chair (insert: the Edvard Munch’s The Scream style emoji here).

This hammock chair is made using 100% Brazilian cotton and comes in a range of vibrant colours and patterns.

This hammock chair is by FeetUpHammocks and is £64.76, plus shipping which is £40.02 to the UK.

To visit the Feet Up Hammocks hammock chair page on Etsy, click here.